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PractRand Documentation:
PractRand.txt - overall features, lists of competitors
installation.txt - brief installation instructions
tools.txt - some command lines tools for random number generation and testing
license.txt - legal stuff
portability.txt - notes on portability
versions.txt - list of changes between versions
RNG_usage.txt - basics of the PractRand random number generation interface
RNG_engines.txt - list of RNGs, rated for quality, size, speed, other properties
RNG_speed.txt - some benchmarks of the recommended RNGs
RNG_multithreading.txt - notes on using PractRand RNGs in multithreaded programs
RNG_parallel.txt - notes on avoiding correlation between different RNG instances in parallel computation scenarios
RNG_interface_variations.txt - light-weight RNGs, polymorphic RNGs, raw RNGs, entropy pooling RNGs
RNG_entropy_pools.txt - notes on "entropy pools" - RNGs specialized for dealing with exotic seeding scenarios
Tests_usage.txt - how to use the library (as opposed to the command line tools) to do statistical tests
Tests_results.txt - Results of the PractRand standard test battery compared to other test suites on a variety of RNGs
Tests_batteries.txt - Describes the various batteries of tests that PractRand defines
Tests_engines.txt - Describes the statistical tests in PractRand
Tests_overview.txt - How to use RNG_test, general discussion of testing, how to use competitors
Tests_performance.txt - speed of testing, not quality - for quality, see Tests_results.txt